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Google wave


Every one from email users to high end technocrats speak about this Google wave …

Its sounds every where but sad thing is we can use it only with invites :(

This is not new for Google the same thing happened when gmail was introduced . well whats it why people long for it ?

as Google :

_“Google Wave is a project announced by Google at the Google I/O conference on May 28, 2009 It is a web application and computing platform designed to bring together e-mail, instant messaging, wiki, and social networking, with a strong collaborative focus, mixed with spellchecker and translator extensions, which are able to work in concert, in real-time. It is planned to be released later in 2009.” _

The user page of google wave seems something like below :

wave page

seems like it had added something like yahoo answers i.e called **brainstorming **by google wave

next point photo sharing instead you need not go for separate thing like picasa , flickr , phototub , etc

wave is integrated with photo sharing

And interactive games too have been added to play online ( guess this is alrdy in yahoo )

finally its not at all in need of any software as previous gtalk, picasa etc

every thing is embedded in pure browser environment making simple and integrated

click here how to get invite ?

  1. You signed up early on for a Google Wave account. Google put up a request form for Wave invites not long after Wave was announced. Most of the invites arriving tomorrow will go to people on that list. Your chances improve if you signed up early on and wrote a message to the Wave team.

  2. You have an account on the Developer Preview of Wave. The Sandbox version of Google Wave has been active for a select group of developers for several months now, allowing them to test Wave, report bugs, and build Wave extensions. They will all get accounts.

  3. Some paying users of Google Apps will get accounts. It’s likely several companies asked Google for invites when the real-time tool launched. They will get accounts. Some schools that use Google Apps will also get early access.

  4. You are invited by someone currently using Wave. This is the most intriguing revelation made today by the search giant. 


  **Regardless, these are currently the only four ways to get an account on Wave. So if you don’t get an invite tomorrow, you still have hope. You’ll probably have to beg someone for an invite, though. **

_Let me taste it when invite comes ;)

if any one experienced the taste of wave you can share yours too :)_

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