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Ubuntu 9.10 release

Ubuntu 9.10 Ubuntu is a free open source software distributing free cd’s all around the world as every one knows ,

by the past ubuntu release 9.04 Im really sucked up , I had to install everything from Sound driver to configuring my webcam

But this release made my installation as simple as eating a cake , Every hardware

_i) hp laserjet printer 1020 plus ii) Microdia webcam iii) gigaget sound driver iv) Mesa graphics driver v) network _

all drivers have been automatically installed at end of installation :D

_ note :_ Please plugin all your available hardware to pc when you start installation

bcoz its little harder in post installation

And finally Im surprised by the option MOBILE BROADBAND at network connection which makes gprs connection through mobile far far easier than windows

Next as a new feature Pidgin had video and voice chat for gtalk as well as file transfer support ( The main reason why I switch onto windows is no more :P)

Above all GAMING is major reason why windows is still in many box , here comes an end , CEDEGA supports 3d acceleration in ubuntu 9.10 that made my games faster and reduced pixelation when i play

but thing is i dont know to crack ( as we usually do ) in cedega :( so u can use only genuine cd’s

If you are still stuck with windows and cant change out abruptly then try wine or cross over ( if you can really afford such a huge amount )

Im pleased to use Ubuntu 9.10 as early as its released and really its far better than 9.04 with many bugs fixed up Earn Dollars Online