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A simple start to SVN

SVN is a version control system used to track your various versions of your software over various levels called Revisions.

Basically every software will be stored in SVN as REPO called Repositories .

Step1 :

First before starting with your coding create a repo name in SVN as :

**svnadmin create**

e.g) svnadmin create mediaplayer

now you have created a repo named mediaplayer

this copy is the master copy for all clients

this will be a directory with some system defined files in it

note the directory you have  created a repositiory

Step 2:

now you cannot directly do modify on master copy

you have to checkout this repo to some workspace and start working

let it be a directory called workspace

mkdir workspace

cd workspace

now you can checkout the master copy and start your coding process

**svn co file:///home//**

eg:)  svn co file:///home/karthik/mediaplayer

now you will have a directory named mediaplayer

go into the directory  by

cd mediaplayer

then start a code name it as myfile.java

now save it in this directory  . To add this into your master copy do

**svn add  **

eg) svn add myfile.java

Step 3:

you can optionally use these commands

i) svn commit - to  commit the current modification to the master copy ( Do this whenever you do minor changes to you files)

ii) svn status - to check the status of files in working copy

here **? means unknown  A means added M** means modified but not added

iii) svn update - to update to the latest revision of the master copy ( this will be usefull when more than one client has modified the master copy without your knowledge )

for more details refere here

Thank you :)