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Grub or Lilo ? what are they ?

** well before stating about GRUB and LILO let me briefly say what are they :**

They are **Boot loaders **.. Exactly they are piece of code which places your operating system from secondary hard disk to RAM when you switch on your PC . Thats why we say ‘ My PC didn’t boot ‘ instead saying like Iron box or TV doesnt switch ‘on’ .

well any how this doesn’t be much seen by naive users and mostly hidden Then why care about those thing ?

even seems like its hidden it has many consequence on multiple OS environment . If you used Linux past three years before then you will be more familiar about grub **error 17 stage 1.5 error **( once we annoyed at this strange one and thought even hardware is totally gone useless :D )

I know speaking about grub and LILO is a most unresolvable one like we already have

**KDE vs Gnome

Emacs Vs Vi**

as once Linux article said :

_” no arguing about a Linux distribution’s bootloader. With LILO (LInux LOader) as the dominant software for this purpose, many seasoned Linux system administrators had mastered the art of creating a lilo.conf file out of thin air, without having to look through any LILO documentation. “ _

But Unfortunately for them, the release notes of Red Hat 7.2, released in October 2001, informed us that “we now use GRUB as the default boot loader.” This is point where Grub emerges

Cool Grub at start up :


At present at Ubuntu 9.10 grub 1.97 is beta **( remember once its alpha release with several bugs) and even detects RAID 0,1 and all server configuration with less effort and also Grub provides its own **unique interface ( Type grub in console to open up )

As far as Linux geeks grub is emerging technology with efforts to replace LILO and easify users with problems stuck on MBR

Any how , competitions makes a better product in all ….. well this is not an exceptional case ;)

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