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Linux lags in Gaming ?

Well why Linux lags in gaming than windows , is a question nagging in most of Linux minds …

As apart saying , geeks don’t play games or games are meant for lazy windows user or use Wine instead doesn’t seems like a satisfactory answer

Well why is it so , does Linux doesn’t have the necessary modules or its a OS for who doesnt know what is entertainment and games actually mean

Before , what makes windows run all the top most games is a hardware abstraction layer called DirectX 3D Linux have better one called OpenGL

  1. Direct3D is a proprietary API that provides functions to render three dimensional graphics, and uses hardware acceleration if it is available on the graphics card. It was designed by Microsoft Corporation for use on the Windows platform.

  2. OpenGL is an open standard API that provides a number of functions for the rendering of 2D and 3D graphics and is available on most modern operating systems. If hardware 3D acceleration is present, OpenGL can use it.

I too had a watch of rare Linux games that are standard like open arena ,tremulous and some more first person shooter game

Open arena is one of my favourite

Try sudo apt-get install openarena

A best implementation of OpenGL that you can feel over:

open arena

** As wikipedia states :**

” In the earliest days of 3D accelerated gaming, performance and reliability were key benchmarks and several 3D accelerator cards competed against each other for dominance. Software was written specifically for a particular brand of graphics card. However, over the years, OpenGL and Direct3D emerged as software layers above the hardware, mainly because of industry support for a cross-hardware graphics library. Competition between the two rose as each game developer would choose either one or the other. In the 1990s, OpenGL dominated due to a better design of the interface and still dominates the console and handheld markets:

AppleInsider’s Prince McLean said, “OpenGL is used by Linux and, more recently, by nearly all of the major game consoles, including Sony’s PSP and PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii. The console exception is of course Microsoft’s Xbox, which was named after the DirectX graphics libraries it was designed to promote in an effort to stop a broad migration to OpenGL in gaming, and a subsequent erosion of Microsoft’s software monopoly. “

Then still why there is no standard games ( as there are for windows ) developed for linux still even it has everything it needs?

Because I can only see games like Tux ( grand old Mario ) , chess , mines and so small packed games (x<1 MB)

Is it mean people using a OS say X can only afford such a huge amount for mere gaming entertainment ?

Is this a Politics of Microsoft or no work teams of Linux wanna take the risk of developing ?

What you people think of it ?