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Often Moving out ? Feeling harder to lock always?

_**Are you a PC user always distracted towards environment and feeling harder to lock your PC each time you leave it ?

Are you in need of something which locks and unlocks itself depending upon your presence ? **_

If you have a blue-tooth dongle and a Linux then you are done with simple effort …

Blue proximity is a software which detects the signal strength of blue-tooth and locks if the range of the blue-tooth exceeds particular range

Try sudo apt-get install blueproximity

or thro’ synaptic

Then you can see in Meta–>Accesories–>BlueProximity

It is an auto startup program and you can see at quick launch like this Blueproximity

Now open The preferences You can change settings as below which fits to your locking and unlocking range of computer


Now you are done with

_ i)whenever you move out to particular distance then your Linux PC automatically locks ( assuming you carry the Bluetooth enabled device with you ;) )

ii) when you are back it unlocks depending on the signal it receives

You can change the command from lock and unlocking to any thing you wish by simple editing the preferences as here


Thank you