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Cursor Play With your neigbour System

_If you have more than one system and need to acces all with a single mouse ? _

Wanna hack your neigbour node and drive him mad?

_ _

you can use this code to move the cursor

and with little modification you can emulate a whole mouse and keyboard functionalities too …

Download My code from here

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To Do :

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step i) run the server.class first in machine u want to control say A

<strong>java server <port_numbr 1000-65535></strong>

** **

step ii) run the client.class in second machine u have the mouse say B

<strong>java client <ip of machine say > <port_number_server 1000-65535></strong>

** **

step iii) move  mouse in machine B so that it moves on machine A

Algorithm behind :

_** **_i)  get the mouse position from master machine

ii) send the position in a ‘encrypt’ string with X and Y positions merged

as encrypt=X*10000+Y ( I use 10000  here assuming your screen resolution is not more than 10000X10000 :D )

iii) send the string to slave node using Socket output stream

iv) get the encrypt string and extract x and Y position  by


y=encrypt - X;

** **

v) Now move the position of slave machine by mousemove(X,Y) method

vi) You can add leftclick , right click and keyboard keys too as above  :)