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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Ubuntu 10.04 release named Lucid Lynx is the next release..

Well** 10 second boot time** is the main aim of this release it seems . I felt the high speed booting of my 9.10 karmic now from older hardy heron( 65 seconds to 25 seconds ) . still lucid aims at 10 seconds boo time as the main aim to achieve  . This release seems to be released at next year 2010 .

The 10 second boot time is acheived by equal partitoin of modules at start up  with:

i) loading the kernel and initramfs should take two seconds,

ii) driver loading, filesystem mounting, and other “plumbing” should take two seconds,

iii) launching Xorg should take two seconds

iv)  the remaining four seconds should be used to launch the desktop environment and other services that are part of the user’s session.

( if you are not well verse in this terms then please open your eyes after 10 seconds from start of booting  )

The computer should be fully booted and ready to use at the end of ten seconds

_ _

but as a sad part GIMP is removed from standard installation of ubuntu  when queried  developers say  :

  • the general user doesn’t use it

  • its user-interface is too complex

  • it’s an application for professionals

  • desktop users just want to edit photos and they can do that in F-Spot

  • it’s a photoshop replacement and photoshop isn’t included by default in Windows…

  • it takes up room on the disc

_ _

Im realy sad about this plot and really the fifth point  “it’s a photoshop replacement and photoshop isn’t included by default in Windows…”    . comparing a linux distro with a windows .

_If they speak so then linux must be a simple skeleton with a sucky media player and a paint program as some others do. _

well even it ‘s sad ,  I guess it doesnt takes more than a couple of minutes to trigger **sudo apt-get install gimp :D **