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Curious case of Benjamin button ( 2008 )


Life is a symmetrical . We have a growing phase ,stabilize at same point then shrinking phase when we turn older and feeble.Vice versa is the story line .Even it seems more paradoxical and no supportive scientific ideas have been supported this movie seems great.

Movie seems a bit slow but steady in its flow of scenes .starting with Daisy the story rolls on towards so many interesting personality ( Quinnie is my favorite of all , a motherly goddess) . I dono why clock maker gateau interrupts the story . Short and tragic about him . Then story captures it real pace , Thomas button abandons his child . Why the baby was so ugly and what made him so was not clearly explained ( since its not a fiction film :P ) .

Quinine takes the baby and grows it irrespective all the obstacle she faces from her man and doctor … why he cries like normal baby when stamped by Tizzy under stairs rather feeble voice of a old man . Every one miracles about survival of this man . If they wanna tell really about reversal of phases why Benjamin plays with spoon and wanna play like rest children :P ( as in first phase of benjamin) .

Then starts working with tug boat and knows part of life.And enjoys everything he can . I guess the only girl left around entire film is Caroline :P. As the film has two perspective views from Daisy side and Benjamin side,makes viewers more interesting and careful to watch in every scenes.

Death’s are quiet natural and its the only sign of remembrance of a person

is the point more stressed and I feel out of this film . Death of Quinnie ,one who made Benjamin a place to stand in this earth when none did .I guess the movie can still be shortened and may prevented the viewers losing their patience. The last moment when Benjamin turns out to baby and when he closes his eyes finally , I can feel entire thrust of the film .

A good time pass rather fixing schedule to watch this film .if you get free time this one is a watchable slow paced film .