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Orkut Scrap made me mad Before

well this morning I received a flash embedded scrap from my friend and I’m really afraid and searched for web cam’s all around and even tried after disconnecting from net what a shit worked too :(

Now take a try of this application as many times as possible till you find it fails , and let they accept you cheated it …

Mind reader( remember its a flash application )

Now come back here .. Guess you must anxious and afraid how it works exactly as your mind thinks it ( the same situation where I’m few hours before )

I tried it as many times as possible , this happened unless my browser crashed and till I’m satisfied that it’s not a trial and error

I thought in different angle as I can , whether they trace thro’ webcam , with my angle of inclination of head ,etc etc,.

Then I really thought how stupid I’m when i keenly watched the application for several times .

well guess you tried it before and now what makes a application less than 100 kb to guess what your mind reads

** A simple logic now keenly watch all the logos in multiples of 9 ..( Thats what you are going to get :P)**

and try now you got the thing ( if you didn’t know its logic so far ) and see how many pale faces are still waiting to be cheated :D