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Rails with Vim - how and why it works ?

How it started

I started my coding in a windows XP with notepad. I can realize now how terrible it was. Then I came through a term called IDE which has everything a programmer needs in one place. Starting with netbeans for java and some random Junit test tools in eclipse , I really regreted for wasting my time in notepad.

Most of the times I used to do one among these listed items apart from real typing/coding:

  • Searching the API sheet for exact name of method
    • In Java typically confused with length() , size() , count or length variable usage
    • I know rubyists , ruby has everything
  • Missing ( , { or some parantheses ( not as much careless as initial days )
    • I remember my first programming lab on c which I spent most of my time in figuring out the matching parantheses for the code I copied from internet
  • Variable declared with one name but using it with different name
    • I used to decalre a variable with User#name and trying to access with User#username
  • Version control integration
    • Version control itself is a different topic to discuss for hours
    • I use some set of plugins to commit and revert ( which I don’t even bother on what command it is being translated on in background )